Meet our volunteers

Brittany Shambo.jpg

Brittany Shambo

B.S. Biology, Psychology
Prospective M.P.H. Degree Candidate; focus in Epidemiology


Director of Communications & PR at Celebrating One

 I chose to volunteer for Celebrating One because I am passionate about mental health and this non-profit aims to help improve the community by bettering the mental and emotional health of individuals in several innovative ways!


Stephanie Taglione

Restaurant Supervisor, Doubletree by Hilton

Support Group Director at Celebrating One

I chose to volunteer for Celebrating One because the message of celebrating victories with those who may not be able to celebrate themselves, really resonated with me. I believe a network of support is one of the most important things to help take you through life!


Amanda Cullison


Instagram and LinkedIn Accounts Manager at Celebrating One

 Volunteering for Celebrating One has given me the opportunity to give back in a very personal way within my community.  The human connection, empathy, and kindness that radiates throughout this organization truly runs full circle.  Encouraging and motivating others has been a vital step in my own mental health journey.


Robin Plate

Career Development Specialist at [re]start

Volunteer Coordinator at Celebrating One

My friend and former employer, Sam Baddoo, told me about Celebrating One. He spoke so highly of Jurgita and the mission of the organization—recognize the importance of the individual and celebrate each person’s milestone—no matter how small they may appear to others.  He knew my love of designing and distributing handmade cards to others in all facets of my life—friends, family, students, colleagues, and those that I assist on their job search and career development—and encouragement me to participate. He also nominated me to be a recipient of the cards.  I believe in recognizing not only milestones, but moments of sadness, loneliness, and struggle. Each person must overcome so many personal challenges and every step deserves applause and recognition. We need love. We deserve praise. We depend on the care from others. Celebrating One gives all of this to others and it brings me joy to be one of the people who reaches out. Job coaching and helping people reach their full potential in their lives is my passion and it directly aligns with the volunteer coordinator position. 

Jenny Ravi.png

Jenny Ravi

Private English Tutor for Japanese families in Central Ohio

Send A Card Director at Celebrating One

I love being part of Celebrating One because we focus on small acts of kindness to uplift and empower people in our community. I hope through our work at Celebrating One we can encourage people to feel compassion for themselves and others.

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Jen Samuells 

Keep Moving Forward Director at Celebrating One

After moving from New York City to Columbus, I knew I wanted to get involved in the community. I was excited to hear about Celebrating One's hands-on outreach to people who need support and encouragement. Volunteering for the organization enables me to give back and connect with others in a unique and wonderful way.