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Milestone Makers are a special group of our cherished friends. They are dedicated to helping families in need of guidance and financial aid to keep moving forward. 

Milestone Makers make small, automatic donations every month to help Celebrating One create more human connections and celebrations for life-changing moments.

Join us today to start making an impact!

The smallest gift at the right time can make all the difference.  Help us create magical moments with your gift.  Monthly giving, no matter the amount, makes a huge impact and creates meaningful change in the lives of high school graduates, and families. Your gift will help us to support those in need when they need it the most. And for the right purpose - to provide comfort, encouragement and celebration.  

Your gift will make a positive impact on individuals and their families. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, families get the tools they need to help them thrive and feel connected, no matter their circumstances.  

Celebrations are crucial to human fulfillment and are a tool for cultivating a successful mindset.  By helping others become emotionally healthy, they can move forward and cope with life's challenges.
Your monthly donation will promote empathy through human connection and celebration!

Your monthly gift of any amount will help us:
$10 -  Celebration cards at meaningful milestones and/or monthly inspiration
$25 -  Cap/gown  for graduate and/or gift of encouragement
$50 -  School supplies or testing fees (like the ACT) and/or a meal (Thanksgiving)
$75 -  Graduate portraits and/or gift for holiday
$100 - Helps with scholarship and/or house necessities
Any other amount that is meaningful to you.

By giving monthly your gift is:
-Spread out month by month so it can fit your budget.
-Deducted automatically each month and you can change the amount or cancel any time. Simple and convenient!
-Providing Celebrating One a steady flow of funds all year long that helps us better budget to provide reliable resources to do what's needed to help others keep moving forward.

Milestone Makers - If you wish to be recognized on our website for your generous support, please complete the following permission of public acknowledgment form by clicking button below. 


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