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Message from the Executive Director

I have been observing and processing past week events. It is very hard. My emotions and feelings are like roller coasters every day. I strongly believe in equally treating every person that walks on this earth with dignity and compassion no matter their color.   

All Celebrating One programs was created based on empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another). Life experiences give us the ability to relate to other people's feelings and tell them that you walked in their shoes and you understand how it feels too. Some experiences and feelings cannot be experienced and are hard to understand if you have never been there. So what we can do to understand it is simple -  educate ourselves.


That’s where You Are Not Alone slogan became part of our mission statement.

If you never experienced being treated differently because of your appearance (skin color, facial features, gender),  language (accent), citizenship status ( immigrant, refugee), and your beliefs (any religion or view) it is hard to explain how it feels.

If you never feared for your life it is hard to explain how it feels, and I am not talking just about one incident, but living in fear constantly is totally different. 

Believe me, it has a long-lasting effect on the mental and emotional health of those that have to live daily in fear because of their skin color. Ask black friends how they feel when their child leaves home every day? And be ready to listen and learn.

We see you, We hear you, We want equality. 

Racism is NOT ok     Discrimination is NOT ok    Ignorance is NOT ok 

Living in constant fear is NOT ok    Disrespect is NOT ok

Black Lives Matter

We should learn not to be afraid to ask how one feels. We should learn to listen more. We should open your hearts and minds to be more empathetic.

 Be respectful, be kind, be the change you want to see in the world! Actions always speak louder than words.

To show our support we will donate a portion of funds raised during garage sale this weekend to support an organization that is founded by African American or serves the African American community. We will announce the chosen organization on June 12.

Also, our team already started developing a new program/fund.  African American children, youth, and young adults deserve access to healing, mental, and emotional support. Program/fund might have one or all three parts to it, resources, educational info, and financial support to help them afford therapy.

Jurgita Fumo

Executive Director

Here are a couple of recourses

Systemic Racism Explained: Please click here to watch a YouTube video on systemic racism.

Please click here for more information on African American Communities and Mental Health Topics. Please click here for CDC's published statistics on African American's and mental and physical health, along with other resources.


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