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Organizing our Volunteers through POINT

Celebrating One is 100% volunteer-run and we are so grateful for our dedicated volunteers! (Want to join? Come to our Volunteer meeting on 1/07/20!)

We have a lot of needs with volunteers: recruiting them, getting them to commit, making sure they actually show up, and then tracking that data. So we’re using POINT, a volunteering app and management software.

People in Columbus can download the free app, find our events, and sign up by tapping “go”. We’ve posted our Card Writing events and our general info meetings and we’ve gotten a lot of new faces! This is great because even if a volunteer comes just one time, they still get to hear about our mission.

But even better, POINT tracks all of our volunteer hours automatically and displays it in a dashboard. We can manipulate the data to see different functions and then export it in a pdf or excel file. This is important because we need the numbers for grants to show how many volunteer hours have been served.

We used to track volunteer hours by having the volunteer fill out their time in a Google Spreadsheet and send it to our Volunteer Coordinator every month.

With POINT, we can post private events for our Board Meetings and events that only our vetted volunteers can attend. This automatically tracks their hours, and sends the user a notification before the event. Furthermore, the user can submit their own hours through POINT so we can easily track it all in one place.

Check out our events on POINT to get involved! And see what other nonprofits are doing good things in Central Ohio.

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