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Milestones and achievements celebration

In March we received a nomination, which was heartbreaking to hear the story! Mom of 3 got diagnosed with stage four breast cancer a couple of months ago, and going through treatments and getting ready for surgery, while she still has to go to work and plus deal with some other family matters.

We got to work and planned how we can inspire and motivate her and children to stay positive and keep fighting and don't give up.

We started with inspiration card, motivational book, couple gifts for children, and some pampering products, followed by inspirational cards. Grateful for our volunteers Cynthia, Sandy, AmyJo, and Amanda that donated goodies and time.

We also reached out to The Turban Project owner Kathy to ask for turbans. Is not that they sent us a turban they sent us a lot of beautiful head coverings! Our nominee was very grateful for their kindness.

We will keep motivating and inspiring through encouragement cards and will update you on progress later on.

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