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Thank you to the Teacher

Below you will read a story that was posted on Facebook by Jennifer. We helped her to acknowledge and say thank you to the teacher by sending him a greeting card and gas gift card!

"I have a huge THANK YOU to give to a teacher at the Middle School. Mr. Clay called me a few weeks ago to let me know that he was the man that stepped up to volunteer to help William after school to get caught up in all his classes as he of course is way behind due to missing so much school for his surgery. I about wanted to cry as I spoke with him on the phone as he let me know that he wanted to help William as he felt he could relate and understand what my son is going through because he personally has a family member of his own that was deaf and received a cochlear Implant. Honestly God really puts the right people in the right place to help others when needed! William was extremely upset to have to stay after school to get caught up. He is a really bright child and does really great and always has at school. He is the boy that when his report card comes he is overjoyed to share it and brag about it to the point of phoning his siblings to gloat about his GPA! However he says ‘Mom, I’m not staying after school at 3:30 I am out those doors and DONE!” William is the child that you could hand him a job in the real world right now and he would rather do that and do it happily instead of going to the useless school! after speaking to Mr. Clay I explained to William what he had told me about his experience with his deaf Grandfather, William just said oh ok. Yesterday was Will’s first day of after school help and I don’t know how exactly things went but I do know that Mr. Clay brought my son Home (yes he even volunteered to bring Will home on these days). and my son was happy in a good mood and said that he is going to stay after school with Mr. Clay as much as he could to quickly get all his work caught up as fast as possible and just “knock it out!” There are a lot of very special teachers out there and they sure do deserve a lot more appreciation and acknowledgement than I am sure they get! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Mr. Clay, I greatly appreciate more than words can say for the extra work that you are putting into helping my son! You are amazing!

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