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Keep moving forward program


About the Program

This program is to let people know they are not alone and we are here to encourage them and motivate them to keep fighting. 

The program includes information, resources available, support, cards of inspiration and gifts of encouragement, throughout the year as we celebrate their achievements.

Think about your circle of friends, your coworkers, the people you see in your community. Whom do you know that is defying the odds, going through a tough time, or simply needs a little bit of help?  

These are the people, families we want to know about. Whether they have reached the finish line or are still climbing, there is no better time to celebrate the power of the human spirit than right now. 

Nominating a person or a family is as easy as completing the below form. Once we receive the form, the Celebrating One team will be in touch to share the next steps.  

Program length is 12 months (from the date family/individual is onboarded).

Process: once the application is received, the program director will meet with the advocate to get more info and then will connect to the family/individual. Initial meeting with a client - for intake process (in person or virtual). The care plan is developed specifically for that client. Once we know the exact needs we will pair families with 1-4 volunteers that will help clients to achieve their goals and celebrate all milestones.

For questions please email
c1keepgoing@gmail.com Program Director Jen Samuells

Want to nominate someone to be celebrated?

Fill up the form below, Answer few questions and you are all done.

To get started, share your information and the person/family who you think needs little bit of encouragement to keep moving forward.


Tell us about whom you want to Nominate?

You can nominate an individual or a family

Briefly tell us why this person or family deserves to be celebrated! 

Any other details we should know about the nominee. please share them here

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