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October: Finding Hope in the Pause 

2020 has been quite a year hasn’t it? Unforgettable to say the least.  It can be incredibly challenging to navigate the current uncertainty we face in our everyday lives during this global pandemic.  Nothing looks like what it used to; the way we interact, work, travel, shop…I could go on but I’ll refrain for sanity purposes.

​When I get overwhelmed by the changes, the ambiguity and the weight of the unknown I find myself searching for hope and at times, I admittedly feel hopeless as I try to grasp the ever changing world around us.   Perhaps I am getting lost in the idea of looking for hope in a future that looks more like 2019 instead of taking a moment to look at the hope that surrounds all of us in this moment. Maybe hope can be found in the pause we have all had to take.  In this pause I have looked forward to and cherished the time with my friends and loved ones more than ever.  The moments of community and connection to humanity seem to matter even more as the fragility of life has moved to the forefront of our minds.  In this pause many have harnessed a hobby like cooking, adopted a pet or have drawn closer to a neighbor in need. I find great hope in families slowing down to share more meals together, the love and careful nurturing of furry new companions and the neighbors who grocery shop for one another and check in, just because.  These are silver linings of hope in the pause.    

Ideas to Help Inspire Hope

-Practice Gratitude.  Find joy in the beauty of sunset, shared laughter or reconnecting with an   old friend. -Look at Possibilities, not Limitations.  Often an obstacle can inspire us to be creative as we look for new ways to move forward. -Random Act of Kindness.  Any act of service or kindness revives hope in the giver and the receiver as we recognize the good that resides in each and every one of us. -Positive Connections.  Spend time with others who have positive energy that you can freely share your feelings and concerns with.  The environment and those with whom we choose to surround ourselves with matter. -Believe in Something Greater.  This could be the universe, your higher self, humanity or a particular faith of choice.  Taking time to meditate, focus or pray can nurture your mind, body and soul. Written by: Amanda D. Cullison


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