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Dealing with uncertainty and living in the present moment

Every year as summer comes to a close and we roll towards the Autumn days of September we begin to think about going back to school, football games, and the brilliantly colored leaves that dance to the ground in the crisp fall air. This year as I look forward with anticipation at the changing season ahead I am also filled with something new, uncertainty. Yes, the school will start, there will be football and the leaves will still make us stop to catch our breath at their beauty. Still, we all know in this ever-changing world things are going to look a little different this fall. There is uncertainty about school reopenings, what social distancing looks like as we move into cooler weather, and how much longer our lives must be ruled by Covid-19 to name a few. It is in these moments of thought and unease that we must remind ourselves to focus on living in the present moment, being aware and mindful of the here and now. While this can be easier said than done, there are small steps we can begin to take.

*Enjoy and find pleasure in the small things. The word present can also mean “gift” and it also describes what is happening now, in the moment. You can do this by checking in with your 5 senses.

Right now I see…..

Right now I hear…..

Right now I am touching…..

Right now I smell…..

Right now I feel…..

*Unplug. Sometimes the best way to reconnect with ourselves is to disconnect with our phones or computers. Tuning out all of that noise can be a great way to tune into yourself.

*Let go of the past. There is great freedom in letting go of something that is in the past. Accept it for what it was, take from it what you’ve learned, and leave the rest because it no longer serves you.

*Focus on your breath. Being aware of the inhale and exhale of your breath forces you into the present moment. Try breathing in for a total of 4 seconds and allowing 4 seconds for your exhale for a count of 20 breaths. Take a moment to notice how you feel before and after.

Yesterday is in the past, tomorrow is fantasy, the present moment is truly the only place that life exists.

Amanda Cullison

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