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A little kindness goes a long way!

Celebrating Once shares joy all over the central Ohio area with small acts of kindness

Our celebration crew has been spreading joy all over thanks to the kind support of our donors:

  • Delivered gift cards to truck drivers that were taking donated items to Houston

  • Jurgita met a cashier (just a perfect stranger) at a store that shared with her that she is having a hard time with her mental and physical health – she took her a book to help her through hard moments (and every time since the cashier gives her hugs). She is doing better at the moment.

  • Dropped off gift to friend to inspire her to find more time bake. She had shared that she enjoys it, but its just said hard to find time. We encouraged her to bake and share with her neighbors to spread the joy.

  • Bought lunch for a young man who was cutting grass during rain. Stopped and told him – I want to celebrate you and your hard work, thank you for working and I am buying lunch for you today, gave him 20 bucks. The young man was very touched and expressed that he felt like no one ever sees him let alone say thank you to him for doing his job. So buying him lunch was more than he could have imagined someone doing.

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