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Promoting empathy through
human connection and celebration!

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Why Celebrate?

To acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of those overcoming life challenges of emotional suffering or poor mental health no matter how small to keep them moving forward through inspiring programs, support groups, advocacy, and service.

What people say

Family Portrait

Sarah Painter, WNHS

Thank you for supporting our students and making sure they had their needed supplies and goods. I am very thankful that Amy Birtcher connected us.



Thank you so much for everything for  you have sent to me, and for your love and support. I love the gift card and the box of food you gave me. They are the best grad gift ever!!!



I absolutely adore being a part of such an amazing organization. I don't know where I would be mental if it wasn't for this group. Every time I receive a card or letter it always gives me hope and encouragement to take any of my problems head-ons. My father has had it rough even before COVID-19 but we have pushed forward. In the few weeks, we were able to move from where we lived on the westside in South Hilltop (where our safety was at risk daily) back to our neighborhood on Westerville into a bigger house and I also was able to purchase a vehicle for myself. Life has been beautiful and glowing since and we couldn't be happier. I have officially hung all of my Celebrating One cards and notes in my new house where i see them daily because they really mean the world to me, it's a small thing and it does remind me that I'm not alone so thank you ALL for that. I appreciate everything that has been done for my family because of y'all.

Thank you again for everything! I can't wait to see what i receive next!


Have we got you in the mood to celebrate?


It's easy to join the party, no amount is too small (or too big).

For $5 we could bring someone a cup of coffee and a balloon to remind them they are loved - how cool would that be!

Just think what we could do with $20, $40 or even $100!

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